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Thursday, August 29, 2013

// Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 RTW

Saturday, August 17, 2013

If there's something Stacey Bendet does well, it's designing pieces that are unique and eye-catching, yet 'normal' enough to purchase and wear out without looking like Lady Gaga. In Alice + Olivia's Fall 2013 RTW collection, the rich colors and textures mesh together to create sheer elegance. It's gothic and edgy, but still manages to maintain the classy and feminine feel that Stacey has. This collection as a whole seems to lack a theme, but somehow they still seem to fit together in a way that makes everything stick out. Lace, ruffles, feathers, and floral give some pieces a spanish feel, while others embellished with fur, studs, and stripes favor an edgier side. I am in love with the crown braid that they used... I've seen it all summer at different music festivals- I love how chic it is on the runway!

(Photo Credit: NYMAG)

//Fall Blues

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fall is right around the corner, and there's nothing more frustrating and more satisfying than finding a pair of jeans that you can truly say, "They fit like a glove!". After three or four months of wearing shorts and skirts, squeezing back into those skinny jeans can seem like a challenge. But with some solid, quality blues, it doesn't have to be!

I chose 8 different styles that I believe are fall staples that are versatile enough to go with the majority of wardrobes. I live in my favorite three pairs of jeans, which are basic black skinnies, denim skinnies, and printed skinnies, so I found new versions and included them in this set. But with this fall's trends taking relaxed, grunge, and military directions, it only makes sense that I added in a few others.

The first is the mid-rise denim skinny by Paige. I find that these would be perfect to throw a sweater on and lounge around in, or even throw on some heels like the photo and dress up. The second next pair is a floral skinny by 7 for All Mankind. I love a single piece that can instantly make a whole outfit stand out, and printed jeans are one of my favorite ways to do so! The next pair is Madewell's brand new high riser skinny skinny denim, which I can't wait to try out. Their jeans never fit me well in the hips and thighs because I'm not exactly the target height for their brand, but this new material is supposed to be stretchier and more form fitting than their other washes. The next pair is an army green skinny army green ankle jean by BDG. I'm all about army green in the fall- jackets, blouses, tees- and a good ankle jean is perfect to pair with boots, oxfords, and flats. The next two pairs are basic skinnies, in maroon (Paige) and black (Madewell), which I basically live in year round, so adding a color like maroon just adds a little variety! The 7th pair is a hit or miss for most, and you really have to have the shape for them so you don't look like you're lost in the 80's sans mullet. But if I could pull them off, I'd wear the hell out I'd these with cardigans and tees! The last pair is one of my favorites, simply because they look so unique. The design is very modern without going overboard, and the zippers add a little more dimension. Just as with floral denim, it's a great way to dress up an outfit with one piece.

Fall Blues.

Paige Denim skinny jeans / MOTHER jeans / 7 For All Mankind / Madewell boyfriend jeans / Madewell / Madewell skinny jeans / BDG cigarette-leg jeans / Paige Denim , $330

Hope you all are as ready for fall as I am! Bring on the jeans, and bring on the pumpkin!  

//Who, What, Wear: Stone Cold Fox, The Virgin Bride 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stone Cold Fox is a secret gem I've recently been lucky enough to find out about. Based in Los Angeles, California, designers Dallas Wand and Cydney Morris are doing big things for the fashion industry. Starting out sewing and crafting pieces on their parents' kitchen tables, they now have their own warehouse in Costa Mesa (Refinery29). Their brand is Califoria-hipster meets high fashion, and their 2013 line, The Virgin Bride, is true to the description. Elegant, chic, edgy, and feminine. With black, white, lace, and floral, how could they go wrong? 

//Lazy Sundays and Harem Pants

Sunday, August 4, 2013

 Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying your Sunday! I'm dedicating today to reading Vogue and revamping the blog (which is so fun but a lot harder than it seems). I haven't picked up a magazine in awhile, and I'd say Vogue is pretty important if you're even slightly interested in fashion. Better late than never to start this whole thing though, right? I've finally got a few posts under my belt, and now it's going to be in the details to prevent it from looking like a 12 year old's Myspace. So if you have any tips or tricks, feel free to let me know! I'm currently working on finding a layout and making a quality banner, so that will be coming soon if I can find something worth keeping around. I toyed around with the idea of changing my blog name as well, before it stays with me too long and I just get stuck. But for now, it's usable. Stay posted! 

//Bangs Bangs Bangs

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Women who can rock some great bangs can usually rock any hairstyle. So having curly hair is both a gift and a curse- It's great because you can usually get by without doing much to it, but it's impossible to get any kind of trendy haircut! I've always wanted bangs, but they don't do much for me unless I blow out and straighten them every single day- which I'm way too impatient and lazy to do. (I had these AWFUL 'scene' bangs in high school, and ever since then I've been mortified to have anything but long layers.) But hey, a girl can dream. As of right now, my style is somewhere in between bohemian and J. Crew, and it's been swaying me towards similar fashion icons and bloggers. And in doing this, I've found that many of them have these awesome fringe bangs with loose tousled waves, which I'll forever be longing for. They're so perfect and casual- especially for the coming fall weather, when it's finally cool enough to have your hair down.

Rooney Mara: 
(Credit: Splash News Online)

Natalie Suarez:

(Credit: NatalieoffDuty)


(Credit: Anthony Nocella)

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