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AC for AG

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My love for Alexa Chung is unconditional. Her effortlessly cool style, hilarious personality, and enviable fringe make her one of my top style icons. She has a solid list of collaborations, which include brands like Longchamp, Madewell, Eyeko, and Nails Inc., and has now teamed up with one of my favorite denim brands, AG jeans. 

Alexa Chung for AG is everything that you would expect from her; that well-tailored vintage-70's feel with a modern twist. She recently shot a video to promote this campaign with Gia Coppola, the director of Palo Alto, and I couldn't help but think of the movie as I went through this lookbook. 

You can tell that Alexa genuinely believes in the products she's created. She actually wears and uses the products outside of the campaigns and advertisements, unlike so many celebrity endorsements we see today. She has even said in interviews that she designs certain pieces that have been missing from her own wardrobe. I could be completely wrong about her intentions, but regardless, this collection perfectly encompasses her style. I absolutely love it and I'm totally digging the all-denim dresses!

What are your thoughts on this collection?!

(photos: AG)

//Keepin' it Simple

Monday, December 8, 2014

I've never been able to stick to one style and although I usually favor more bohemian stuff, I have been loving the minimalist trend. It's so versatile and easy to dress up or down, mix and match, strip and layer. Lately, my outfit formula is usually a rolled skinny jean, ankle bootie, and some sort of tee/sweater + layering piece. (Along with the rest of the girl population, am I right?) I'll humbly admit that minimalism has quickly become kind of overrated, but I can always appreciate a good, clean outfit. I'm especially loving the feminine meets masculine approach so many people have been taking! Who doesn't love being able to wear Converse and slip-ons with everything? 

Here's a few photos I've found that have inspired the minimalist in me lately. 

(All images found here

The Goat Farm Arts Center

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A few weeks ago, I  was introduced to the Goat Farm Arts Center for the FPme Atlanta shoot. With such a tight schedule, we only had a small amount of time to scope out the place- but I knew from the moment I walked through the tunnel entrance that I had to come back to really get a feel for it. So yesterday, I decided to go check it out again with my cousin. The Goat Farm is a cotton-machinery-site-turned-art-studio-community type thing. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how to interpret that either, but I'm going to take a guess and say it could have been a cotton mill during the industrial revolution? I'll just kind of keep that open ended until someone can give me some clearer answers than Wikipedia. It is now home to many art studios and a site for galleries, performances, screenings, and workshops... and it is SO. COOL.

It's a very chaotic, and kind of gives off an industrial-meets-modern hipster vibe with some graffiti thrown in there for good measure. But regardless of the mess, it's absolutely captivating. You turn a corner or walk a little down a path and you'll run into something new and unexpected. As cheesy as it sounds, "There's beauty in the breakdown" rang so true for the whole site. There would be rusting machinery or broken windows, but then you look a little closer and people have helped to incorporate but still preserve different objects or spaces into their own means of self-expression. It's still got a lot of the original architecture of whatever it used to be, and you can tell that even with the transformation that has occurred over time, the industrial elements are still the backbone of the entire community. 

It's a lot to take in, and I don't believe that words can really express what a gem this place is, so I'll just leave you all with the pictures. Places like this amaze me. And especially in Atlanta. I highly recommend taking a little detour here if you're ever over on the west side! 

Oh yeah, I forgot about our outfits. This is a fashion blog after all. I decided to do a few takes on the plain white tee, while Amanda kept it simple and summery in a crop top + strappy bra combo with some shorts and sandals! I added a cuff, a silver necklace, and a wire printed headband for my first look to keep it basic, and then added a hat and a fringe kimono for my second look. Gotta love keepin' it casual! 

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