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//Making the Best of These Rainy Days

Friday, July 26, 2013

My cousin Taylor of Hippie Chic Photography (Check out her Facebook page if you're interested in getting some photos done!) kindly took some pictures for me the other day in the little square by my mom's. I  have been wanting to make more effort in finding ways to personalize this blog, so I decided a little 'outfit of the day' post was a great opportunity to do so. I had never done any kind of modeling or glamour shots (or whatever people call them!) so I did feel pretty awkward at first. It stopped pouring just before the mini 'shoot', so we decided to take a chance on the rain starting up again. The fog made for an interesting, eerie, hair frizzing shoot! Some of the pictures turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Top// Free People
Skirt// INC
Shoes// Steve Madden
Flower Crown// Etsy

//SkarGorn Tee: Three Ways

Monday, July 22, 2013

Today I went downtown to Lenox mall to run an errand and did my usual stop into Madewell to see what they had. I walked around for a bit, and to my surprise one of the main pieces that struck my eye was a huge oversized plain white tee that looked like it could have been bought at Walmart. I held it up, wondering why on earth they would even try to sell something so boring. And I must have been easy to read, since one of the employees (who happened to be wearing it) came over and told me it was one of her favorite shirts. When I saw her wearing it with a complete outfit, I realized that more thought was actually put into the shape, material, and stitching than it seemed. The neckline was slightly V-d (Er, is that a word?). It had a larger than normal front pocket. The sleeves were porportional, and the front was slightly higher than the back. It was REALLY cute on even though you can't really tell in the picture below! As I was talking to her, this brand, SkarGorn is actually one of her coworker's friend's brand that was started in California and has made its way over to the east coast. It's being sold online at Urban Outfitters (SOLD OUT!) and in certain Madewell stores. I can't wait to go back and get it!

(Hi! I'm real :] I apologize for the crappy and awkward dressing room photo!) 

Skar Gorn 1

                                  Skar Gorn 1 by thecurlygirl featuring a t shirt dress

Skar Gorn 2

                       Skar Gorn 2 by thecurlygirl featuring lightweight denim jeansSkarGorn 3

//Fashion Forward

Friday, July 19, 2013

I've been thinking a lot about where I want to go in terms of this blog, and the conclusion is that I'm not really a hundred percent sure. And I'm actually okay with that. When I started this blog last year, I never got the courage to post anything because I was afraid that whatever it was that I had to say would be pointless. Or that I'd seem like I'm trying too hard to be just like my favorite fashion bloggers. Or that I'd look completely stupid trying to act like I know a thing or two about style. Basically, that I'd be God awful at this whole thing.

And well... I kind of am awful at this. And I'm okay with that too. I'm learning. I want to progress with this as I progress as a person. I'm not Jane Aldridge or Natalie Suarez, but I am me. And as much as I just want to be great at this, I am a beginner. A fashionista in training. A 'Melissa' in training. And I think keeping up with this blog and 'practicing' will only make me better at finding my way into the fashion world and also finding myself and my personal style.

So if you bear with me through this bad layout, kind of forced URL, and these really awkward posts, I'm pretty sure I can really get somewhere with this once I can get the hang of it.

//These Boots are made for Walkin'

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When it comes to shoes for a girl who can't walk ten steps in high heels, there's nothing quite like a great pair of boots. In my personal opinion, they are single-handedly the most versatile shoe style out there. Hey, I may be bias since they're primarily all I wear, but they can be worn in so many ways! Dress up an outfit with some thigh highs and make it more high fashion, or dress down something with ankle booties or combats to make it casual.  Depending on the style, some boots are so versatile that they can even be worn year long! I'm not sure about you, but I don't wear flip flops in the winter, or sneakers anywhere but the gym. Flats are awful in the rain, and heels are usually only suitable for certain events, and definitely aren't comfortable for everyday wear (once again, bias). But, anyways...

To find some that are both comfy and stylish isn't hard to do these days, but to be able to find that one quality pair that make you fall in love at first sight is a very rare thing. I have boots that I've worn day in and day out that I really love, but only recently have I found an unattainably beautiful line of handmade boots by Modern Vice that I'm longing for the day that I can buy a pair. Here are some that I've come across lately that I can't shut up about for fall: 

Modern Vice Black Jett

Jeffrey Campbell Ballantine Ankle Boot

Frye 'Wyatt Disc' Short Boot
Steve Madden 'Tennassee' Boot

What are YOUR favorite boots?


//Quick Post: Flowers in her Hair

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hi everyone! 
It's been raining like crazy for the past few weeks here in Georgia, so it sure doesn't feel like it, but it's still summer. And for me summer means music festivals, which means some of the best performances (and fashion) you'll see all year. Fringe boots, crop tops, maxi skirts, awesome boho jewelry  tie dye, and my personal favorite... Flower crowns! By no means is it new, but the trend has finally been caught onto by non-festival goers, and stores like Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie are making it easy for people to find super cute ones to add a little spunk to their everyday outfits! 

I stay connected by a handful of social networks, and I've followed different bloggers and companies (Check out the beautiful Flower Crown Society) that are putting their spins on the accessory, so I figured why don't I? I had been wanting to make myself one for a few months now, but my laziness had gotten the best of me and I simply never made time for it. But with the rain putting a damper on any chance of getting outside, I finally decided it was the perfect craft to keep me busy and do something (somewhat) productive.  

So after testing the water with my first crown, I decided it was a lot of fun and somewhat therapeutic to handcraft something like this, and opened up an Etsy account to list it! (ugh, sorry for the cheesy shop name... I felt like a 12 year old creating an email account. I'll see if I can come up with something a little  more fluid)  So, I'll be making a few over the next few weeks in my spare time, and if it goes anywhere, then I guess I'll have a little hobby on the side! You can check it out here, or by using the link at the top of the page! Have a great day, everyone!

//Inspired by Free People's July Catalog

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspired by Free People's July Catalog

As many of you may not know, I'm a huge Free People fan.  And as creepy as this sounds, I pretty much live and breathe them, haha. I follow them on Instagram, religiously read their blog, have the app.. the whole nine  yards. Yesterday the July catalog was released, and today the pre-fall preview was released, so you can guarantee I am completely flipping out. They are absolutely beautiful, and I'm so scared for my bank account. The July catalog offers so many amazing transition pieces for the summer as the nights start getting a little cooler, and for us Atlantans, it's perfect for all of this rainy weather we've been getting! Items like colorful ponchos, embellished lightweight jackets, and comfy sweaters are so perfect to throw on!

Their preview is making a great first impression, and I can't wait to see the rest of the collection. I've seen a few things that I can already see myself making staples... vegan leather skinnies, thermals, backpacks, and ankle boots to name a few!  

Images from freepeople.com

//Dog Days are Over.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Dog Days are Over.

I really like the simplicity of this set and how worn in it feels. It's like one of those days where you really don't feel like squeezing into those skinny jeans, or doing your hair and makeup (or in my case, every day). The jeans work perfectly with the slouchy shirt and sweater, and the boots prevent it from looking too sloppy. The sunglasses and backpack add a certain boldness to the outfit that helps to differentiate it being chic from being 'wow... that girl must have had a rough night..'  It makes me just want to go to the nearest coffee shop and read a book while sipping on some tea. The graphic tee adds a little bit of dimension to the monochromatic sweater and accessories, while the holes in the jeans prevent them from looking like you're wearing your dad's jeans. Love,  love, love this look for fall.

Coffee Date.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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