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A Little "Spring-spiration"

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

(Lexi of Exploreamor photographed by Laura Greenich/Edited by Georgie Arimah)

(Photo by Laura Greenich/Edit by Georgie Arimah)

** I do not own any of these images. All but the first and last photo were found on Pinterest. They can be found here.
I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm not a creative person. I've always said, "I love art, but I'm not 'good' at it." I can easily follow a recipe, a DIY project, or a template, but when it comes to physically coming up with original ideas, my brain completely freezes until I get some insight thrown my way. That doesn't mean I don't try- I've taken stabs at painting, photography, writing, and have a perfectly good guitar that is now collecting dust in the corner of my room. That might take a lot of people by surprise, given my plan to make a career in fashion where creativity is fundamental, but with that being said, I'm extremely easily inspired. By quotes, by people, by pictures. Anything that can get me engaged and thinking or feeling. I may not be 'good' at creating art, but I have a huge appreciation and [I'd like to believe at least a little bit of] an eye for art. And with all of the changes taking place around us- in nature, technology, in society- it's easier than ever to be inspired.

Lately, I've been particularly inspired by nature. I just got back from Colorado last week, and it was almost foreign to experience their version of nature (Mountains for miles, hiking trails with eroding rocks and snow/ice) versus ours down here in Atlanta (Dog parks, 2.2 mile manmade trails with rails and benches every .5 miles, haha). Just kidding, but you really don't see untainted nature around here like that very often! It's difficult for a lot of us to disconnect from our daily lives, step outside, and really appreciate the Earth.

Spring (aka the beginning of festival season!) is also creeping up on us. Beautiful flowers are blooming, the temperatures are about to start rising, and we can finally get outside after one hell of a winter- two snowpocalypses, bipolar weather, and a traffic jam for the books. Everyone seems to be on the same page and pretty excited about that.

Another big source of inspiration has been my coworkers and fellow fashion bloggers. I've probably started driving people up a wall about my job, and I always fear being mistaken as being self-absorbed or bragging, but there is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by really passionate people. Man, do they all have killer senses of individual style and self! It amazes me how much you can learn from other people's perspectives and what they are inspired by.

So, how about you guys? What are you currently inspired by?

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