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Sunday, August 4, 2013

 Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying your Sunday! I'm dedicating today to reading Vogue and revamping the blog (which is so fun but a lot harder than it seems). I haven't picked up a magazine in awhile, and I'd say Vogue is pretty important if you're even slightly interested in fashion. Better late than never to start this whole thing though, right? I've finally got a few posts under my belt, and now it's going to be in the details to prevent it from looking like a 12 year old's Myspace. So if you have any tips or tricks, feel free to let me know! I'm currently working on finding a layout and making a quality banner, so that will be coming soon if I can find something worth keeping around. I toyed around with the idea of changing my blog name as well, before it stays with me too long and I just get stuck. But for now, it's usable. Stay posted! 

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