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//SkarGorn Tee: Three Ways

Monday, July 22, 2013

Today I went downtown to Lenox mall to run an errand and did my usual stop into Madewell to see what they had. I walked around for a bit, and to my surprise one of the main pieces that struck my eye was a huge oversized plain white tee that looked like it could have been bought at Walmart. I held it up, wondering why on earth they would even try to sell something so boring. And I must have been easy to read, since one of the employees (who happened to be wearing it) came over and told me it was one of her favorite shirts. When I saw her wearing it with a complete outfit, I realized that more thought was actually put into the shape, material, and stitching than it seemed. The neckline was slightly V-d (Er, is that a word?). It had a larger than normal front pocket. The sleeves were porportional, and the front was slightly higher than the back. It was REALLY cute on even though you can't really tell in the picture below! As I was talking to her, this brand, SkarGorn is actually one of her coworker's friend's brand that was started in California and has made its way over to the east coast. It's being sold online at Urban Outfitters (SOLD OUT!) and in certain Madewell stores. I can't wait to go back and get it!

(Hi! I'm real :] I apologize for the crappy and awkward dressing room photo!) 

Skar Gorn 1

                                  Skar Gorn 1 by thecurlygirl featuring a t shirt dress

Skar Gorn 2

                       Skar Gorn 2 by thecurlygirl featuring lightweight denim jeansSkarGorn 3

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